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Zaghloul Al-Damour

Zaghloul al damour (joseph hachem) zajal quotes

Zaghloul El Damour (Arabic:زغلول الدامور)

(1925 – 28 January, 2018 ). Born in Bouchriéh, in the Metn, his real name was Joseph El Hachem  (جوزيف الهاشم). Zaghloul el-Damour founded his first troupe in 1945 surrounded by 4 poets, in the manner of the famous Chahrour el-Wadi. He directed the popular magazine al-Masrah, almost entirely dedicated to zajal poetry. Hashem had a profound impact in major concerts, including “The Great Challenge” evening between Zaghloul and Moussa Zgheib (as part of Khalil Roukoz’s troupe) in Beit Meri in 1971. He became the “Sinbad of Lebanese Zajal,” travelling around the world at the request of his emigrant fans.


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